What is the difference between the analysis software Cardiomatics and Cardioline?

Cardioline Cardiomatics Dataanalysis

Cardiomatics is a cloud-based analysis that generates automated ECG reports based on the exported raw ECG recording data. All nine cardiac arrhythmias that are required by the association of statutory health insurance physicians in Germany for the settlement of an analysis can be displayed. Cardiomatics is ideal for all the doctors who want to be supported in providing a fast analysis of a long-term ECG such as general practitioners und internists.


Cardioline is a software that is permanently installed on your own computer (based on a license and a dongle) which generates semi-automated analysis reports of the ECG recording and generates customizable reports.


Both analysis software solutions create a PDF report, which can be added to each patient file via "drag & drop". The structure of the reports is standardized; the content is derived from the raw ECG data.