Can the Cortrium Data Transfer Tool (DTT) be installed on a server?


No, the DTT can’t be installed on a server. Das The Cortrium Data Transfer Tool is a software application that is used in the preparation of an ECG-recording with the C3+ Holter Monitor. The software is also used to transfer the data stored on the C3+ Holter Monitor and convert the recording into a format that can be used and imported into third-party analysis software such as Cardiomatics.


The C3+ Holter Monitor must have access to the computer via the USB cable on which the DTT is installed locally. The DTT must be installed on the computer and is available in the download section of our website following this link:


The exported data (EDF raw data of the long-term ECG), on the other hand, can be saved on a network drive and, depending on the respective practice access rights, accessed from this computer via the practice network.