Why does the analysis report show many artifacts?

Cardiomatics Cloud Artifacts Report Cleaning Electrodes

There can be several reasons for this:

a) A lead off, thus a lack of physical contact between the electrodes and the chest of the patient. This can lead to artifacts in the analysis report. Therefore, a good recording requires to be well prepared. This means shaving the chest of the patient, cleaning the skin on the chest and using alcohol swabs / cotton fleece (regular practice supplies, 70% isopropyl alcohol, e.g. ALKOTIP) to optimize the adhesion of the three electrodes onto the patient's body. In addition, the electrodes / Holter should be placed in a position that is as little exposed to normal body movements as possible. In addition, the anatomy of the patient must be taken into account (abdominal circumference, breast size, chest shape).


b) Electrodes

It is important to ensure that only new electrodes with a diameter of 55mm are used, which are also suitable for recording long-term ECGs. We recommend e.g. the Conmed Cleartrace LT disposable electrode for long-term ECGs or single-use electrode Ambu Blue Sensor type L-00-M. Why? Once a bag of electrodes has been opened, the gel on the electrodes may dry out after some time and the adhesion may be affected by that.